Which CMS is best for SEO?


In audits conducted by agencies for companies, there are often recommendations for changing the content management system (CMS). This is due, as a rule, to the absence in the engine of the minimum modules necessary for optimization. However, a more severe problem that may await the optimizer is the impossibility of changing the engine code due to the peculiarities of the “Siemask” architecture. So what kind of admin panel to choose when developing a site? Convenient in terms of working with content or SEO-friendly solutions?

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Minimum Requirements

Almost any management system makes it possible to adjust meta tags for site pages. Seeing this option, the content manager calms down. They say everything is in order. You can create titles and descriptions for pages. However, sections with site headings often do not have such an option (or it is disabled), and these URLs remain without meta tags. A possible solution is to generate titles and descriptions automatically. Still, for this, the page must have at least some text, which is also not always the case.

Optimization does not end with meta tags, and engines should allow the user to edit the robot file easily, create a dynamic sitemap, generate a 404 page, and put down canonicals. These minimum requirements will enable the site to be quickly indexed and climb to the top, at least for vital queries. But suppose the company is faced with globally increasing the website’s visibility in search engines and the coverage of frequent questions. In that case, minimal actions will not be enough.

Options for full SEO

There are cases where it is necessary to make changes that aren’t provided by the engine. On the other hand, a CMS is an ideal option. Still, on the other hand, such solutions have a low-security level, which requires constant checking of files for Viruses and following updates. It’s physically impossible to make further changes beyond the boundaries of the prescribed function when solutions are made online. The results of promotion are immediately affected by some of the SEO edits.

Another problem may be the engine’s features in creating pages and sections. For example, some admins do not allow you to display a drop-down list in a menu item without making a landing page. Others form the CMS according to their principle without the possibility of adjustment. Free siamesks often sin by creating duplicate pages, technical links, and other garbage.

How to choose a CMS for promotion

Turning to the main topic of our article, we want to immediately give advice – connect with an SEO specialist before starting site development. Then many problems can be avoided.

  • The ability to make changes to the code, including the integration of ready-made scripts;
  • Ability to install unique widgets for promotion and other functions;
  • The ability to adjust the CMS of all pages and the structure of the site as a whole;
  • The ability to create a rule for automatically filling meta tags (significant for resources with a large number of pages);
  • Ability to upgrade modules without changing the site architecture;
  • Availability of technical support from the CMS developer;
  • Availability of technical documentation of the control system;
  • The presence of a visual editor with an active block for editing meta tags;
  • Support for modern encoding and markup formats.

When choosing an engine from the above list, it is essential to remember that some options may not be included in the standard CMS installation package. Still, the system may have additional options for installing the necessary modules and plugins. When choosing a widget for promotion, after installing it, always check the operation of other site functions. Plugins from different developers may conflict. If doubts never leave the business owner, here is another life hack: open a search engine and select 5-7 sites from the top of the search results. Then, through the online CMS definition service, look at which engines use these resources and draw the appropriate conclusions.


As we said at the very beginning of the note, many engines immediately have almost all the necessary options for optimizing and promoting the site. Therefore, the choice of a competent specialist comes to the fore, who should have relevant experience with control systems and be able to find solutions to problems quickly. And, of course, it is better to choose an admin panel based on trusted developers who have been specializing in CMS for many years.