What we are
proud of.

They’re the best in everything they do – their food is delicious, the service is friendly, and the ambiance is inviting. You’ll want to go back for seconds!

We created a visual identity to express Oh My Grill uniqueness, carry them into the future and give them a solid, uplifting foundation to build on as they grow.

The brand solutions for Oh My Grill included a memorable logo with a bold, simple design and a versatile brand pattern to give shape to Oh My Grill bold flavors and fun personality across a number of applications.

Tasty Delights had just opened its first two locations. In order to spread brand awareness and entice business, they needed two things. First was a new website to solidify their brand identity and to serve as a platform for its future growth. Second was an online ordering system to drive business and to stay competitive in a world where restaurant delivery service is taking over.


There’s a SPY in all of us


After opening in a new city, brand awareness and advertising was needed to drive customers to their new establishment. Through our integrated campaign, Opera Café was able to see significant spikes in attendance and sales positively correlated to our advertising efforts. Themed on brand to their espionage motifs, our comprehensive campaign went on to win an award for Integrated Marketing Campaign.

In order for Metro Café to keep its expansion goals for future franchises, an integrated rebranding would be essential to achieve. The brand identity now needed to portray the same high quality that their food was known for.

The Azure Inn features 41 modern guest rooms and spacious suites pairing timeless elegance with contemporary amenities and services. Guests enjoy an unbeatable central location and a spacious conference room perfect for groups and events.

The Halal Guys tasked us to re-design their website just before expanding their franchise internationally.

The Halal Guys established branding was conveyed on the website with a comprehensive visual identity in the design. The brand colors, visual icons, and brand logos were curated on every page to reinforce the message that the brand was clear, established, and strong enough to extend indefinitely to franchises around the globe. A clear communications strategy informed every word, supporting the brand as a whole while targeting strategic goals.

A hotel’s heart is its website, where guests make their final decision regardless of whether they book directly or through an OTA. Our first act was to change the overall branding & design of the website without compromising the user interface; we made sure that direct booking was our priority.

We build a concept behind Buy Now Stay Later where hotels and consumers could trust the website and fully understand what it was all about. We began by designing an aesthetically pleasing website that was eye-catching, user-friendly, and simple.

Our hotel finder tool where consumers can easily navigate the hotels that have signed up for the initiative. The navigation included a filter that enabled users to find hotels in a particular region and city.

Each partner hotel also had their landing pages, optimized for search engines and easy to share on social media.

Gourmet was tasked with building Paris Baguette a gorgeous new website that was ADA compliant. Drawing on past experiences in restaurant brand websites, including Halal Guys and Bon Chon, Gourmet used their expertise and skill sets to create a website that truly reflected the bakery.

Leyla is a Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side in NYC. Leyla combines key elements of Turkish rustic-haute cuisine with a worldly take of the finest Mediterranean recipes.

Gourmet was tasked with creating a new website for Leyla that was equally beautiful and functional. The website had to represent Leyla while being at the forefront of restaurant trends.

Our partnership with Waterside began with retiring the old business name “Waterside Restaurant & Catering” and separating the brand into two new brands.

For the first phase, we created the leading brand, Waterside Events. Wedding & Corporate Events became the primary focus. We continued with the new logo, brand style guide, and brand voice to complete the website redesign to showcase why they are among NJ’s most popular wedding venues.