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Take your online business to the next level. We fully integrate order processing, receiving payment and managing inventory with your site, creating the ideal shopping experience.
E Commerce Solutions Agence 25

Our 4 Steps Process

eCommerce development has also made it easier for businesses to manage their operations and keep track of their sales and customer data. With our powerful analytics tools and integrations with other business systems, eCommerce platforms provide businesses with a wealth of information that can be used to optimize their online store and improve the customer experience.


the target audience and product offerings: The first step in developing and designing an eCommerce store is to clearly identify who the target audience is and what products or services will be offered. This will help guide the overall direction and design of the store.

eCommerce platform

that is suitable for the business’s needs and budget. There are many options and solutions we can provide, including popular platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.


Once the eCommerce platform is selected, the next step is to design and organize the store. This includes creating a visually appealing layout and navigation structure that is easy for customers to use.

Shipping and Payment

The final step is to integrate payment and shipping options into the store. This will allow customers to easily make purchases and have their orders shipped to their desired location. It is also important to ensure that the store is secure and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Our Approach

eCommerce development has revolutionized the way we shop and do business. Gone are the days of having to physically visit a store to make a purchase. Now, with just a few clicks on a website or mobile app, customers can easily browse and buy from a vast selection of products from the comfort of their own homes.
Get to know more about your customers and their shopping habits. Get their contact info and order history in a moment.
Enable customer account creation at checkout and inspire repeated shopping. Your customers also get access to check out the guest without creating an account.
Interact with fulfilment services like Amazon, Shipwire and Rakuten Super Logistics or build up a custom fulfilment solution.
Update your store, handle inventory, fulfil orders and contact a customer using the Shopify app on your smartphone.
Personalize your automatic store emails with the design and language that you wish.
Refund some or the entire amount associated with an order and your inventory would automatically edit accordingly!
Our work

Showcasing Our Impact

Explore our portfolio of projects, where we’ve transformed businesses with smart design, strategic planning, and innovative digital solutions. Your brand could be next.

Experience The Perfect Ecommerce

Agence 25 we utilize WordPress to build custom online collections. Managing everything starting from selling and payments to ensure proper checkout and delivery. WordPress aims to make your online shop look attractive. Being well supported, WordPress emerges as one of the most famous eCommerce arenas in the market.
A platform that allows you to trade online everywhere, in-person or in-between the customers.
A platform that helps you find and sell to the right customers wherever they are.
Enhance the insights that you need to flourish- utilizes just one dashboard to handle orders, delivery and payments wherever you go.

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