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We apply our strategic and creative writing capabilities to your website, and tell your brand story in an engaging way that improves conversion rates, boosts search engine rankings, and builds your brand.

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Our principle is that we have 15 seconds to capture attention and a lifetime to keep it.

Agence 25 builds a foundation for your business that will last for a long time. We are Web Design Agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. With so many brands going digital-first, it’s no surprise that brands are investing in their digital presence, with a website  design at the center of this.

Our Approach

We use proven website design strategies in every work we do, whether it’s a simple informational website or a full-blown e-commerce website. You start with the structure, then work on the user flow, wireframes, and eventually, the UX. It’s the perfect order. Each design is optimized for mobile and desktop to create a consistent and smooth experience across all devices.

We tailor our website to your brand image, voice, target audience, and more. We have a portfolio to show you how we do it.

Responsive designs are what our developers love to create with the help of WordPress. All of our designs are compatible with major browsers, easy to update, and function according to Google guidelines.

It is most likely that you found us on search engines, if you are reading this page. We can assist you in doing the same for your customers.

LSO is the #1 priority for any business that accepts customers to a location. Major players occupy most of the search results.

A responsive website design is the key to success. This means that your site need to have Responsive designs, which adapt the layout of your content to the screen it’s being viewed on, so it shows the same content as if you’re looking

Our designers prefer to start with the mobile design, which has more restrictions, then expand the website’s features to create a tablet or desktop version. Like to kick it old school? We can start from the desktop and work from there. Both routes get the job done!

It’s perfect for web design because of its flexibility, and that’s why we love it. There are a lot of amazing tools that support the theme of the website. Don’t let that fool you, site maintenance still requires some discipline, and without it, it’s not always well behaved.

Our Latest
Web Design Projects

The recipe for a successful website

Hard work and amazing success. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing partners. 

These people helped us to hone the skills and learnings necessary to deliver the results you need for your business.

They are highly recommended if you’re looking to increase your efficiency in business operations or to make a big leap towards growth in your organization.

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The importance of a fast site used to be important. That’s no longer true. Slow moving sites are prevented from appearing in search results. Pick up your site pace, you don’t want to miss out on traffic.

Organic traffic is generated by a solid website with some advertising. The need for a salesperson may be eliminated if a website is good.

It’s important to know how to write a sales letter that gets readers to open your emails and click through to your website.

You are reading this right now. You want to get new customers. A website is a must for your business. A sales tool. Sharing good content, extending discounts, or simply offering the right services to the right people are all ways to get leads.

If you want to create a website, Agence 25 don’t do it for the sake of creating one. It’s important that your website is designed to satisfy your needs while also being able to deliver them tomorrow. As your business grows, make sure your website is up to date and ready to support you.

Why invest in professional web design services?

Customer behavior can be changed by the design of your website. A good design will attract more customers. Assists with the purchase, it guides and entertains. Your customer may leave your site if you have a poor design. It is possible to grow your business and make your ideas come to life with the help of web design services. Web agencies offer web development that includes a design process and a website structure that is designed to convert visitors. 

More people will see your website on the internet when the conversion rate of professional website design brands increases. The percentage of visitors who are active on the website is what defines the conversion rate. They can place an order, make a purchase, save products for later, or share links with friends. The goal should be to increase the website’s conversion rate.

What does the custom website design process include?

Complex processes that require different levels of organization are involved in custom website development. The information on websites are made up of products, text, and other elements. 

Website visitors can see and analyze these. It is important that information is created. How do you get here? The ultimate goal of the website design must be identified by the designers. This is done in close collaboration with clients. In this stage of website design, you should ask questions such as: Who is the site for? 

Do you want it to solve the problem? It is possible to register for web hosting. Design professionals will help you ensure your website is on reliable and fast hosting and integrated with a leading website builder. 

There are other examples. Content creation is how custom web design can be made. Search engines love custom content. Content that is clear and attractive will make your website stand out. User experience and content are included in best practices. Agence 25 is a web design company. Agence 25 web designers can create a professional appearance for your website that is easily visible to search engines.

Why partner with us for website design services?

There are a lot of different companies that provide excellent work for your website, in a short time frame, and ensure that your website is meeting your expectations.

Your clients, products, and services should be your main focus as a business owner. Websites are just tools for business, and they shouldn’t be the main focus of your attention.

Your site is the first and most important part of your sales process. You need to make sure it looks good, works well, and gets the attention of your ideal customers and clients. Your website maintenance can be a time-consuming task, no matter how large or small your team.

An external web agency can assist with projects that are too large, are working faster than your company is capable of, and ensure your website is performing to your business’s expectations.

As a web design agency, we have witnessed it all. A lot of experience and knowledge is required in the field of web development. There are a lot of factors that can make or break a website. To work effectively for your business, a website needs to be well-designed and designed to work for SEO, graphic design, user experience, mobile responsiveness, page loading speed, and other details.

It’s important that your website runs smoothly and looks professional. You will be able to stand out from the competition. Website issues that aren’t getting enough attention can cause you to lose customers.

If you have marketing goals that change, we can help you. A simple and minimalist design is always a good choice for a website. If you find that customers respond more to bright colors, then this web design agency can help you. If you want to meet your short-term or long-term goals, your website can be changed.

Whether it’s a pre-holidays campaign marketing campaign or a new branding direction, we can help you achieve your goals.

We are not in the business of delivering your products or services. We are in the business of creating beautiful websites that will allow you to grow your business. Many clients have been helped by us and we know what works.

It is possible that great ideas may not translate into good business practices. A poor user interface can cause website designs to fail, which can lead to lower conversion rates. It is possible that the most beautiful design solution is not the most effective.