Best Website Design Practices

It takes 5 to 15 seconds for people to make that decision. A solid copy on the area above the fold is essential, but following web design Agence 25 standards matters just as much. First impressions define whether your visitors explore your website or move on elsewhere. When designing or redesigning a website, it’s easy […]

Setting a task for website design

The development of any site (if we are not talking about a template) begins with the preparation of the design. The project manager asks the customer for information, then sends him a questionnaire and asks him to describe what should be on the main page. For many clients, this is a big problem, no matter how clear […]

Which CMS is best for SEO?


In audits conducted by agencies for companies, there are often recommendations for changing the content management system (CMS). This is due, as a rule, to the absence in the engine of the minimum modules necessary for optimization. However, a more severe problem that may await the optimizer is the impossibility of changing the engine code […]

5 things to consider when creating a small business website

First of all, let’s agree, creating a website for a small business is essential to manage its communication on the web. However, this is not a simple task to accomplish. Despite the existing solutions for rapid website creation, designing your business website can still be a complex task so that it perfectly meets the requirements […]

How much does it cost to create an online store?

Everything starts with an idea. So, you need to develop an online store. What to do? We go on the Internet, google – we see a bunch of offers from accessible designers to solutions for indecently tidy sums. Indeed, creating a website can be a severe expense if you want something unusual and build a […]

How to estimate the development of a website or a mobile app?

We need two numbers to estimate a project. The number of days to complete the project is the first one. After that, the budget is used to pay the team. What are these two numbers? Let’s find out. Let’s understand why estimation is essential. If a business idea is worth all the fuss without the […]