We manage our website remotely

We manage our website remotely

Hello everyone, friends. “Suddenly” there was some time that I would like to spend on writing this material. Now many employees have left for a long weekend, which is very likely to drag on. Calls from clients, emails, chat messages have become less frequent, which means that you can do what you put off from month to month – finalizing and filling your site.


The problematic sections of their own websites are well known to their owners, but before you rush to fill an empty section, or order  copywriting for text copied from competitors , you need to brainstorm and understand what can be changed on the site globally. It is possible that when developing your resource, there was an idea to implement some kind of functionality, but for a number of reasons it was abandoned. Look again at this question from the other side, what will the innovation give on the site, will it improve its conversion, will it have a positive effect on usability. If the answer to all questions is “yes”, then along with the edits, proceed to refinement.

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What’s with the competitors?

“Brainstorming” did not give results, but the desire to improve the site did not disappear – then we begin to monitor competitors in search results. Taking a good idea from a direct competitor is not shameful, but very wise, especially if it is a large company where the whole development department is involved in the development of web projects. Also, a competitor can peep how the content is formed, what sections, structure and other interesting ideas for your resource. 

It will be a plus if you can write out all the options that you managed to mark. The compiled list needs to be shown to your developer, probably something cannot be done, and some options may already be implemented, but hidden.

Global changes

In the course of analyzing the performance of the resource, the business owner may come to the conclusion that it is necessary to fully  develop his corporate website , or globally rework all of its modules. A bold but responsible step. You need to understand that redesigning the entire site will take much more time than fixing the main points. But most importantly, this process can take a long time and the resource will remain in a “suspended” state for an indefinite time.

Place all stages of work on a temporary technical domain, closed from indexing. This will save the current site from affiliation, and visitors will not see possible development bugs and non-working sections.

Ongoing Support

Having made the necessary changes to the site, filling the sections with content, adding new product groups, you should not stop there, because search engines highly rank websites that are constantly updated. Keep working on your resource, it is not at all necessary to constantly add new features to it, it is enough to publish unique content. If there is no time and physical resources for this, then the best solution would be to order technical support for the website from your developer, or find an agency for these works.

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Spend your time wisely

Do not put off questions about the site for later, time will fly by quickly and when you resume the workflow, you will not have time to edit the website again. Start small, like writing a few fresh articles for a news block. Adding small posts to the social groups of the company will also not take much time. The addition of a product catalog and new services will change the way you look at the site, and it’s likely that you’ll be thinking about new features that could be implemented.