How to increase website traffic?

Web design SEO

Any site related to business topics, without visitors and traffic, becomes an ordinary virtual business card. Therefore, many managers are working on a development strategy for their resource at the development stage. There are several ways to attract traffic to the site, some of them require the investment of a certain budget, some work on the site and time. Let’s look at the main ones.

Web traffic

Search Engine Optimization and SEO

Bringing positions to the top of search results and organic (search) traffic – this is what search promotion can give for a resource . A distinctive feature of SEO is the ability to display positions in absolutely any subject. With the correct formation of the semantic core, you can find key queries with low competition that will bring potential customers, even in topics such as “auto”, “construction”, “dentistry”, plastic windows and the like. 

Web design SEO

In order for the site to appear on the first page of the search engine, it is necessary to eliminate all errors that affect promotion, carry out internal and external optimization, fill the site with unique content and increase its link base. Constant work with the website has a positive effect not only on SEO results in general, but also on conversion rates (users start to view more pages, stay on the site longer, fill out the feedback form more often). 

Important! It usually takes 3-5 months for a query pool to reach the top of the search results. For newly created sites, this period may exceed 6-7 months. The owner of the site all this time must pay for the work of promotion, after achieving the result, it is also necessary to maintain positions and increase the number of requests in the top. 

contextual advertising  

If a business owner wants to immediately receive applications and calls from the site, then launching advertising is the most suitable way to attract traffic. An advertising campaign does not require resource optimization or other work on the site, its main requirement is the presence of pages with text and a constant url, as well as a budget for an advertising campaign. 


You can launch contextual advertising for any type of sites in Yandex, Google and partner sites. Most often,  one-page landing pages are used for this , on which all information is collected on a single main page. Due to the large number of contact forms and thoughtful colorful design, such sites give the best conversion of advertisements.

Important Advertisements are spinning on the site only as long as there is money in the account. As soon as the balance of funds is close to zero, the ad disappears. The larger the campaign budget, the more clicks the site owner gets. The approximate cost per click is indicated in the campaign dashboard, after the launch of impressions it may change depending on the activity of competitors who advertise on the same request(s).

Social networks 

The popularity of social networks is growing every day and attracting traffic through smm is another way to increase traffic to your website. Since many users use the Internet from mobile devices, the development of their channel / community will give rise to a completely new audience, which is highly loyal.

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There are many ways to attract users through social networks : this is targeted advertising, and advertisements in thematic communities, and simply promotion of your community. 

Important! Working with social networks is an additional traffic channel that is best combined with other channels. Be prepared for the fact that the first weeks there will be no views of your publications, likes and transitions to the company’s website. SMM implies constant work with content and tangible results after 6 months. 

Link clicks 

The more the resource has incoming links, the more people can make a transition to the pages of your site through them. It does not matter where the link is located, in the text, in the footer, in the picture or in the signature. Attracting traffic through third-party resources is a fast and budgetary way to get clicks (many sites make it possible to post information about a company for free).


Of the total number of reference sources, thematic forums stand out as the most lively and active sites with a large user base. Posting a response with your site’s url in a large forum thread will allow users reading the discussion thread to make a click with a high degree of probability. However, messages with links are often deleted by forum moderators, so it is initially recommended to show account activity by posting detailed answers without links, and after some time insert the url into the message text. 

Important! Google actively monitor the site’s link profile. Placing links on low-quality and spammy resources may result in falling under search engine filters. Before posting your url, always check the site for spam and the publication of prohibited materials. Try to select sites of the same subject as yours, this will bring the greatest benefit for both SEO and conversion.

Briefly about the main

Traffic on the site will not appear on its own, for this you need to develop the resource itself, create specialized social groups, work on SEO and look for various sites to place external links. In fact, work on increasing the number of site users should be ongoing, this will definitely have a positive impact on traffic and on the positions of the website itself in search engines.