How to choose the right domain and help SEO?

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Choosing a domain name is a very important task, because a domain is a technical address where you can find your resource on the Internet, and the simpler this address is, the faster your website will be seen by the visitor. When selecting domains, site owners have always tried to find simple and memorable names that are easy to dictate without errors over the phone and remember for a potential client. At the same time, the domain name directly affects search engine promotion , being one of the many SEO optimization factors. How, in the end, to choose the right name for your site and what is really important for customers in the company’s domain?

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A good domain from a visitor’s point of view

A number of potential customers evaluate a company by its domain. For some, it is important that the domain name contains the name of the company, someone wants to see the main service, for some customers it is necessary to write in diffrent language, and a number of users pay attention exclusively to the domain zone. What then is the domain considered successful in the opinion of the visitors of the resource?

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  • Easily memorable . If the visitor remembers the address of your site, he will find it simply by typing in the search bar. An address that is easy to remember will allow you to immediately stand out from the competition, no matter what content is on your site. 
  • Short . The shorter the domain, the more it stands out, especially compared to other companies with long names. Also, a short domain can indicate credibility and that the company has been on the market for a very long time.
  • Includes famous brand names . People are highly suspicious of unknown companies. If a business owner manages to find a domain that contains a well-known brand, then he automatically solves this problem.
  • Easy to pronounce . An important factor is the pronunciation of the domain and the likelihood of an error when writing it. The easier and clearer the name is, the easier it is for potential customers to remember.
  • The domain is in a known zone . In pursuit of short names, site owners register in little-known domain zones. Despite the fact that the site name will be simple, many users will treat it with distrust, so it is important that the domain is in generally accepted domain zones: ru, rf, su, com, net, org, info 
  • The domain consists of two intelligible words separated by a hyphen . In cases where short names are busy, and the manager does not want to search in other zones, the ideal solution would be to choose a name consisting of two words and a dash that is easy to read and understand. 

Successful domain in terms of SEO

For search promotion, each domain is evaluated by completely different factors. In fact, the search engine does not care how long the name is and what is written there at all. Search robots look at the history of the domain and a number of other parameters that are not important for ordinary users:

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Domain name age . The main indicator of domain quality is its age. The more a domain name exists, the better it is for promotion. Even without doing anything, the domain itself appears in various directories over time, and search engines already have information about it.

There is no minimum domain age limit for SEO, but domains registered less than 18 months are considered young and site promotion takes longer

History . The second very important indicator is the history of the domain. There are cases when initially there was a website on the domain, then the delegation was removed and the domain was put up for sale due to non-payment by the previous owner. In such cases, registrars can “reset his age” and the buyer will not receive full information about the history of the name.

Checking the history of a domain is very important due to the fact that previously the site could be promoted by black methods and search engine sanctions were imposed on it. For verification, it is recommended to use the webarchive service, which shows the entire history (whatever the break) of the domain name and website, starting from the moment the first page was indexed 

Occurrence in the name of the key request . Previously, this factor was decisive, and in order to promote several similar high-frequency queries, it was quite successful to choose a domain with these keys included in the name itself. Now ranking algorithms pay much less attention to this, however, there is still a small impact and, coupled with other internal optimization items, this can improve positions in the search results.

It is recommended to select a domain in the ch-zone, without using hyphens

Domain zone .ch . For search engines, there is not much difference in which zone the site address is located, however, search engines index first of all the zones related to the country. And if the direction of the business is directed to the domestic market, then for both the user and the search engine it will be the best option to choose a name in the .ch zone

You can always use additional domains for the site. Often, company owners choose a technical name with a key entry for SEO, and an easy-to-remember Cyrillic name for clients

How to choose a domain yourself 

In fact, choosing a domain is not as complicated as it might seem. It’s definitely not worth trying to meet all the points (and it won’t work out physically), so choose what is more important to you. The selection of a domain name itself can be done on the registrar’s website, there is also a function for selecting a name for one or more phrases. In case the desired address is busy, you can try to contact the owner and offer him special conditions.