Why 404 Error “Page not found”?

What is a “404 Error”? What are the reasons for its appearance, and why does it exist? Examples of our “404s” with an explanation of why we did it this way and not otherwise.

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What is a “404 Error”?

The standard HTTP response code indicates that the client can communicate with the server. Still, the server cannot find the data as requested. Furthermore, the requested resource may be available in the future, which does not guarantee the existence of the previous content.

What causes a 404 error?

1. The page address was mistyped in the address bar, or the user followed a “broken” link.

2. The requested page has never been on the site.

3. The page at the specified address used to exist but was moved, renamed, or deleted.

The design of the 404 Page depends on the overall idea of ​​the site. If the site is funny and with jokes, then the 404 will be funny. If the site is more serious and businesslike, 404 will be more conservative.

By creating pleasant 404 pages, we strive to remove the negative from the user because he did not find what he was looking for.

Creative 404 Page Examples


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Absolut is an online store of stationery and office supplies. For the 404 page, we chose an assistant – Clippy’s paper clip. It will help you find the page you need, thanks to the search bar, or send you to the site’s main page. Do you still remember Clippy?


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Shopify is a portal about stores, discount cards, and discounts. For example, on the 404 page, we see a minimalist art.


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canvas features a vast selection of wallpapers, creative design and more to create beautiful design options. The “Not Found” page is as simple at it commes with a 404 error.


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Buy and sell online from millions of products in stock. Free delivery from X. Your articles at low prices: culture, high-tech, fashion, … Amazon 404 page is represented by a small dog looking sorry.