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Over the past ten years, social media has become more and more differentiated. The range of distribution possibilities on social networks has never been so wide for a company, brand or project before. In 2023 social networks has never been so wide. Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , Twitch, Pinterest, YouTube , Messenger Marketing, Where do we start and where do we go from here?

Social Media Marketing

Target group under 25

Each generation seeks its own themes. This is how new trends are born, the words of young people of the year, but also social networks. The younger the target group, the more they should have an overview of social networks. While the older target groups have found their social network and usually stick with it for a long time, the younger generation is looking for their own space to express themselves.

Many new social networks are launched, but few of them are essential. Yet it is in the under 25 target group that the mix of marketing possibilities available to you within social media is greatest.

Currently, TikTok is still booming.

Since TikTok is such a new social media platform, many people don’t know how to use it and aren’t sure how it will fit into their online marketing strategy.

It was when turned into TikTok, the music network’s change in strategy to comedy, entertainment, beauty, and other themes, that the app really took off.

The fact that there are still relatively few creators of ebooks is disappointing for writers and readers alike. They deserve much better. The people who create content is also reflected in the extremely high number of followers of some accounts.

If you’re lucky enough to be in your teens or early 20s, you may be able to achieve this level of success. Instagram and YouTube aren’t the only platforms that are going through a surge in growth, so if you’re thinking about starting your own

How long will TikTok still be “the trend”?

Of course, TikTok will sooner or later be replaced by a new social network, but for the next two or three years it will certainly remain the ultimate among the young target group.

In addition to TikTok, the under-20 target group also consumes Instagram and YouTube. Instagram to pass the time quickly, YouTube to listen to music or learn something. Accordingly, the advertising measures also differ, as the strategies and methods are adapted depending on the situation and the usage behavior. Each of these three social networks now has more than a billion active users.

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The alternatives: Instagram, YouTube and specialized sites like Twitch

In addition, special interest social networks are becoming more and more interesting for your advertising measures. A typical example is Twitch, where mostly gamers meet. Here, too, the usage behavior is extremely different. Creator streams sometimes go on for hours. By comparison, a typical Instagram story (small video) is 12 seconds long.

So there are social networks for fast consumption, entertainment, and social networks that are consumed more attentively.

Most Popular Social App: Under 20s

Ideally, focus on:

  • Media principal – TikTok
  • Internet special – e.g. Twitch
  • Also relevant – Instagram, YouTube

How to succeed on TikTok?

TikTok mostly consists of small video clips that entertain. As a result, TikTok can definitely be considered one of the most creative social networks. Which also means that creativity takes time and the right people. 

Compared to platforms like Instagram or Facebook, content production is therefore a bit more expensive. At the same time, advertising measures on TikTok only pay off if you have the corresponding target group. 

As mentioned above, you would not be successful if you wanted to address target groups around 35 years old, for example. 

As a brand, you must therefore engage with TikTok. We sing, we dance, it’s about having fun.

It is especially for the rather traditional sectors, say for example the banks which want to market a day-to-day money account, that it is necessary to make the creative leap.

For other brands in the area of ​​lifestyle or travel such as cruises or backpacking trips in Asia, it’s easier. Some of them have even used influencer marketing.

Target group between 20 and 30 years old

The target group between 20 and 30 could also be called the Instagram generation. Before it, there was almost only Facebook (and a few others like Tumblr, Myspace). Then there was TikTok.

Conversely, if you want to reach people between the ages of 20 and 30, Instagram offers the largest audience, i.e. the largest number of relevant users.

Instagram as a central application

Instagram is above all consumed incidentally. Users just want to take a quick look at what’s happening in their world (friends) and around the world (influencers, stars). Behavior and engagement are therefore relatively brief. Two minutes getting up, one minute drinking his coffee, five minutes waiting for the next tram.

Accordingly, the content must be suitable, whether it is organic content or paid reach, i.e. advertisements.

Of course, the older target group also adapts the trends of younger people, which is why there are more and more TikTok channels among 20-30 year olds. The situation is quite different with older social networks, for example Facebook. Here, some certainly have an account, but without active use and relatively few.

Most popular social app: 20-30 year olds

Ideally, focus on:

  • Primary Media – Instagram
  • Also, relevance – YouTube

How to be successful on Instagram?

Instagram lives on permanent entertainment. This means for you: publish content, publish content, publish content! If you look at influencers who are successful on Instagram, for example, their channel is doing just as well because they regularly post new content. Posts with new photos and galleries , Instagram Reels with short films and of course, permanently, Instagram Stories that show snippets of their own lives. If you adapt this methodology to your brand, it means just as much, at least one publication per day. It may not seem like much, but many people don’t hold water and are therefore looking for a good social media marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing Instagram blue and red square logo

Target group 30 to 40 years old

Target groups between the ages of 30 and 40 are easier to reach thanks to the mix of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

New social networks are less relevant within the target group. Of course, because with age, life itself becomes more expansive, work, family, tax declarations… as a result, the target groups over 30 are no longer so volatile in the choice of their social networks.

Instagram, however, ranks first in terms of popularity among this target group. This is where you reach the greatest number of people from this potential target group. If the trend is quarantine, Facebook can also be used as a medium. If the trend is 30s, you should focus on Instagram. YouTube can then be used for content and advertisements, as well as for target groups under 20 and 20-30.

Most popular social app: 30-40 years old

Ideally, focus on:

  • Primary Media – Instagram
  • Also, relevance – YouTube

Target group 40 years and over

The target groups over 40 are people who were really the first to come into contact with social networks. From the very first major social networks like MySpace, which is no longer relevant these days, to Facebook, which has become the largest social network in the world.

The easiest and fastest way to reach target groups over 40 on social media is Facebook. Facebook is often used, for the family, for the association, for work. On Facebook, we can now find jobs, we can go shopping, the social network is evolving for its users. As a result, many are satisfied and have no interest in switching to a social network aimed at younger target groups.

In fact, only YouTube presents itself as an alternative to Facebook. Indeed, target groups over 40 are also active there. After all, YouTube teaches everything from repairing the roof of your own house to the question: how do you do your own dog’s hair?

Most Popular Social App: Over 40s

Ideally, focus on:

  • Main Media- Facebook
  • Also, relevance – YouTube

How to succeed on Facebook?

To be successful in marketing on Facebook, you generally always have to consider two components. On the one hand, you need organic content, from building the channel, to your own content, in the form of text, photo and video. On the other hand, it is the targeted marketing of your own content with paid reach. Why is this so? Organically you reach relatively few people, maybe one percent, two percent of your own target group. That means 98%, 99% of people, depending on the channel, don’t see your content. By spending additional advertising, you can also reach those remaining people.

Thanks to paid reach, you attract more and more people to your Facebook channel or other targets, for example your online store . With organic content, you convert that reach into real brand followers and fans.

Classic business management already teaches that each regular customer brings more profit than the acquisition of a new customer. This is why building communities on social media is so important for brands. As an additional channel, you can also use influencer marketing , which is getting people with high reach talking about your brand.


To succeed on under 25 year, TikTok is a very creative platform. It’s possible to produce content for it, but it takes time and money. You need to make the creative leap to engage with TikTok.

Instagram is for 25+, Instagram users only use the app for a short time. They don’t use it for long periods of time. You need to ensure your content is appropriate for your target audience. You don’t have an active Facebook account, but you have friends on Facebook.

How to succeed on Over 40s, To be successful in marketing on Facebook, you need to consider both organic and paid content. You attract more and more people to your Facebook channel, which converts into real brand followers and fans.

Time saving

By going through a digital agency, you also save time. No need to dedicate part of an employee’s working time to managing social networks, the agency takes care of everything! The company can thus focus on its tasks and objectives.

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