SEO Promotion Trends in 2022

By the end of the year, topics regularly begin to rise in specialized communities where users talk about SEO trends and development. Often, these topics are more like “fortune telling on coffee grounds.” Still, sometimes you can find exciting posts, thoughts, and even analytics. So, we decided not to stand aside and discuss on the pages of our blog what the current year has in store for optimizers. So, from the authors of such militants as “SEO is dead,” “Why to promote a site when there are social networks,” and “everyone switched to context a long time ago,” a new chapter in the SEO chronicle is “SEO trends 2022”.

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Why do such topics appear with enviable regularity? The answer lies on the surface – search engine SEO promotion is becoming more and more difficult every year, but it does not lose its relevance. Most of the optimizer’s time includes searching, filtering, and analyzing information about the promotion (mostly unreliable), taken from open sources and subsequent testing of hypotheses to identify patterns in the algorithms. The usual activities for optimization, working with content, and developing a link profile are less than an experienced SEO is busy.

New algorithms in action

Over the past year, Yandex and Google have continued to develop their new neural search algorithms, Bert, Smith, and  Yati. Recent programs have already begun gradually adjusting the issue by analyzing the semantic correspondence between the query and the page. Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of data, this has not yet touched on commercial topics. Still, it is only a matter of time since the neural network continuously studies the output and analyzes thousands of requests. Whether to prepare content according to new algorithms’ descriptions or concentrate on current requirements is an open question. But it’s for sure that the old content (written according to the old type based on keywords) needs to be changed now, that’s for sure.


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Main trends

What has been traced over the past few years continues to be relevant. It is about the overall credibility of the site and especially its content. Here we include the depth of disclosure of the topic and the quality of the source of information. What does it mean? Let’s say the editor of a popular publication prepared the text on the page. In the eyes of the search engine, such content will be both authoritative and of high quality. But suppose a copywriter wrote the page’s content without TK only according to the list of keywords. In that case, such a page will likely not correspond to the LSI text.

A decrease in the influence of behavioral factors could be seen at the beginning of the year. Large SEO+context companies were the first to discuss this, and other SEOs soon joined in. This is mainly because neither Yandex nor Google can determine the cheating of behavioral factors. Often a situation arose when a marked PS “bot” made an actual purchase in a store. And since various cheat services began to use this massively, the share of influence of this factor was reduced. At the moment, still “behavioral” significantly affect the ranking of Yandex. Still, Google considers this parameter to a much lesser extent, focusing on the link profile.

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Speaking of link mass, we boldly declare that working with links has become even more difficult. Still, their influence in 2022 is also significant. We predicted the relevance of links at the beginning of last year, but then it was a timid forecast. Still, it has become apparent that a diverse link profile is an essential and significant part of SEO. Of course, the project cannot be promoted by external URLs alone. Still, it has already been repeatedly noticed that a couple of high-quality links give impetus to positions frozen on the 2-3rd page of the issue. 

What will work in 2022?

Those who do not want to read the reasoning and want to get a life hack immediately can immediately start reading from this paragraph) So, skipping the banal phrases that the same methods are relevant and it is necessary to make the site better, let’s move on to the list: 

  • Semantics. Dealing with requests is now more relevant than ever. A couple of dozen keys have long gone down in history. They have been replaced by a deep multi-factor study of thousands of requests. Since more and more aggregators and large sites come across in the search results for low frequencies, it becomes evident that PSs no longer take into account “tails,” which means that you need to work with high-frequency speakers from the very beginning. And the more voluminous the semantic core is, the better for the site;
  • Domain Authority. The term “authority” can generally be called the trend of the year in the SEO industry. Speaking of a domain, age and history are extremely important to search engines. Dropped domains solve the problem of age for young companies, but do not forget about checking previous sites and their content with an over-purchased domain name;
  • Content authority. The more control signals your content has, the higher it will rank. When writing a text, be guided by E-A-T factors (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) and always try to confirm it with a backlink, a footnote about the author, various documents or certificates;
  • Microformat markup. Once a recommendation line about using microformats, it has become a mandatory item on the SEO checklist. Unique search engine transforming bots see markup embedding, so try to embed different types of markup (Microformats, Shema, Open Graph, and Data Vocabulary) on information and commercial pages.

Conclusion or SEO is dead part 21

Instead of credits, I want to finish the note with a small conclusion. As we wrote at the beginning of the article, search promotion has become much more complicated and exciting. The optimizer needs to take into account a large number of factors, constantly study materials from specialized communities, not be afraid to experiment (better on their projects), and be ready for drastic measures (completely change the site structure, reassemble the semantic core, completely rewrite the content of the commercial page). Through hardships to the stars – this is SEO’s motto the following year.