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Finishing the development of a new site, or having gathered their thoughts about attracting new customers from their web resource, business owners face the question: – “Promote the site in search results, or advertise? ”.  A question that comes up so often and has no definitive answer.  What to choose in the end?  We analyzed the main types of advertising and considered the pros and cons of each of the channels to attract customers to the site.

There is no free promotion!

If we analyze the results for queries related to promotion, then the top 20 most popular queries will include the keyword “how to promote a website for free”.  I would like to immediately answer the eternal question – there is no free promotion, from the word at all.  You can cut costs, do some of the work yourself, but it still won’t be free.  Advertising will not spin just like that, links will not appear on their own, all this requires money.  Moreover, trying to do the work yourself increases the likelihood of harming your site and business many times over.

Pros and cons of SEO

Search promotion is one of the most common types of promotion.  Of the main advantages, one can single out the coverage of all popular search engines with a conditionally general form of work.  Constant work, updating content and promotion to the top of all pages of the site.  Search engine traffic is considered the most relevant, with the highest conversion rates.

In order for all the advantages of SEO to start working for the site owner, it takes up to six months of monthly work to optimize the resource.  In addition to the time factor, it is also very expensive for the budget, given that the first months of the result is not worth waiting for, but you will have to pay for the work.  In addition, SEO requires a number of mandatory actions from the site (fast loading, optimization of all pages, micro-markup, and much more) that will need to be done regularly, some of them are very costly, such as changing the control system.


Contextual advertising is a great solution for young sites and all resources that want to quickly attract the target audience and get conversion traffic from their website.  Creating an advertising campaign is quick and easy, there is a Yandex and Google support hotline that helps and explains all the nuances of setting up.  The launch of the campaign itself takes place within one hour, that is, the site receives transitions almost immediately.

The site owner pays for each click on the ad, regardless of who clicked on the site, the buyer, the job seeker, or the manager who wants to offer his services.  The cost per click, especially in special placement above the positions of search results, can reach up to two to three thousand rubles.  Each type of context, for each system, is a separate campaign with a separate budget, if you need to make maximum coverage, then the advertising budget will be at least 100-150 thousand per month.

SMM and social groups – pros and cons

If the site has good traffic, but a small conversion into a check, then SMM can correct this situation, because the audience from social communities is considered the most loyal.  By developing the social group of the company, not only the attendance of this group increases, but also the overall attendance and involvement of the site itself.

When developing your community in a social network, you should definitely not expect a quick result.  Initially, you need to fill the group with content, add photos, information, videos, notes.  After a lapse of time (about a month), an advertising campaign is launched, the return on which can be in a few months.

Pros and cons of email newsletters

Mailing lists allow you to quickly reach the multi-million audience of Runet, telling in just one message about a product or product.  For mailing, the presence of the site itself is not necessary, if you were able to interest the recipient, he will contact you himself, through the contact details.  The cost of mailing is only a few thousand rubles (if you do not order full-fledged email marketing services , which is the most budgetary type of advertising.

Almost everyone perceives mailings as spam, most do not even open the letter, deleting it.  Block emails and email programs that contain entire filters to filter out unwanted emails.  Providers are also actively fighting mailing lists, severely punishing sites involved in this.  The effectiveness of mailings is almost zero, getting a client from a mailing list is the same miracle as finding a large banknote on the street.


We have analyzed all the main types of advertising, noting the pros and cons of each.  As you can see from the article, there is no universal way to attract customers, each of the strategies has its own risks.  But if you do nothing, it is very unlikely that visitors will go to the site.  Whichever method is chosen, the main thing is to give maximum attention and time, otherwise everything will come down to draining the advertising budget.

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