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There are a staggering amount of online websites along with local brick & mortar stores that sell streetwear clothing. We were going up against websites that have been around for much longer and had much stronger domain authority already established in Google search.
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Creative Process

We applied almost every discipline of Internet marketing to this campaign. For a business like this to be successful online you have to approach it with strategic SEO and also brand building techniques. We started off by going through the site and applying a variety of SEO methods. First conducting keyword research to identify how people in world were searching for clothing related products and then optimizing the website pages to reflect those keywords. Through custom crafted meta data and optimized content we were able to quickly climb within the search results.

Our link building campaign consisted of strategic PR using keywords, building out various local business profiles, writing articles in the clothing marketing space, reaching out to Boston area bloggers to do write ups on our brand.

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User Testing


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Product Features


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Creative Idea

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