Tasty Delights


Tasty Delights had just opened its first two locations. In order to spread brand awareness and entice business, they needed two things. First was a new website to solidify their brand identity and to serve as a platform for its future growth. Second was an online ordering system to drive business and to stay competitive in a world where restaurant delivery service is taking over.


Square abstract in blue

As an integral part of Tasty Delights debut, we designed a state-of-the-art website that presents the brand’s visual identity, shares information, and engages visitors. With this in mind, we diligently researched and drafted website prototypes. Our end product was a website with a stunning aesthetic, detailed menu, services, and bio information, a user-friendly layout and a custom blog that publishes content regularly. Each of these details hammers home the restaurant’s brand identity and facilitates business.

Easy to Use, Easy to Remember
We separated Tasty Delights from the hoards of other healthy, fast-casual restaurants by making their website highly responsive. To appeal to on-the-go customers, we created a mobile-first responsive website design that works perfectly on phone, tablet or desktop so that customers can conveniently order from any device.

To facilitate business, we created features on the website that made it easy for customers to find Tasty Delights and to purchase from our client. We implemented a simple yet powerful store locator and location page system that allows customers to easily find location information and helps Tasty Delights add more locations in the future.

Online ordering for the modern consumer
We created a custom, fully-integrated online ordering web application to allow for easy ordering from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The web application connects directly to the same database as the native iOs and Android apps, allowing for ease of maintenance for Tasty Delights. All aspects of the customer online ordering experience were integrated, including loyalty points, special offers and credit card processing.

Bilingual Robot
We made sure Tasty Delights has multi-language capability that allows the customer to easily switch between English and French. This feature was built into every aspect of the website, making Tasty Delights an inclusive business for its growing audience.