Opera Café


There’s a SPY in all of us


After opening in a new city, brand awareness and advertising was needed to drive customers to their new establishment. Through our integrated campaign, Opera Café was able to see significant spikes in attendance and sales positively correlated to our advertising efforts. Themed on brand to their espionage motifs, our comprehensive campaign went on to win an award for Integrated Marketing Campaign.

Opera Café
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Due to the comprehensiveness and overall success of the “Eat Like A Spy” campaign, Gourmet Marketing was awarded the 2018 W³ Silver Award for Integrated Campaign in Marketing.

The W³ Awards celebrates digital excellence by honoring outstanding Websites, Web Marketing, Video, Mobile Sites/Apps; Social content created by the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide.


Originally based in Bern, Opera Café was planning to open a new location in the larger metropolitan city like Lausanne. While their normally “hidden” entrance was more conspicuous, Opera Café still needed an agency that could build brand awareness to the audience in Lausanne and entice customers through their newly opened doors.


Knowing that increasing brand awareness was essential for targeted ads to drive actual sales to a newly-opened locale, our team created a fully-integrated campaign for Opera Café entitled, “Eat Like A Spy.” Building on their already established espionage theme, we built our advertising, microsites, and sub-campaigns around a “Mission Impossible”-inspired motif including matching graphics and color palettes.

Our team utilized the highest sales-driven advertising channels to run the integrated ads, including Social Media, PPC, and Programmatic. Combined with digital banners placed in the high-traffic areas and times of Downtown Chicago, our campaigns brought in high numbers of consistent leads and sales positively correlated to the specific times of our ads running.

Since the full campaign ran for 9 months, our team devised sub-campaigns that fell within their branding but targeted specific goals for Opera Café, including “Party Like A Spy” for special event lead generation, and “Drink Like A Spy” for Happy Hour and bar traffic drive. Throughout that campaign time, Gourmet Marketing succeeded in aiding Opera Café Bern location in becoming the most talked-about speakeasy like their original.