New Turkish Modern



With a deep understanding of Leyla’s culinary essence, Agence 25 undertook the task of crafting a website that would be a digital canvas for Leyla’s culinary artistry.

1. Representing Leyla

We focused on creating a digital space that would truly represent Leyla, a space that would echo its commitment to offering a fine blend of rustic-haute Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines.

2. Forefront of Trends

Understanding the dynamism in the restaurant industry, we ensured that the website would stand at the forefront of the latest trends, offering a digital experience that was in sync with the evolving landscape.

Square abstract in blue

Our creative journey was guided by the ethos of luxury and culinary finesse that Leyla embodies.

1. High-End Cuisine Highlight

The highlight of this journey was the portrayal of Leyla’s high-end cuisine, sculpted in a design that was both gorgeous and upscale, promising a culinary journey that was luxurious and delightful.

2. Luxurious Feel

Every element of the website was crafted to echo luxury, offering visitors a prelude to the rich and luxurious culinary journey that awaited them at Leyla.

The results were a testimony to a digital narrative well-crafted, resonating with culinary enthusiasts and food connoisseurs.

  • SEO Campaign
    • The local SEO campaign bore rich dividends, garnering a staggering 1.4 million total searches within 18 months of launch, of which 1.02k were discovery searches.
  • Brand Engagement
    • The website fostered a rich engagement, introducing visitors to a world of culinary delights, promising a journey of gastronomic indulgence.

Leyla, with Agence 25 as its digital sculptor, crafted a digital narrative that was a true reflection of its culinary ethos. Today, Leyla stands with a digital presence that is a prelude to a rich culinary journey, inviting visitors to a gastronomic experience that is both luxurious and delightful.