From the Streets of NYC to a Worldwide Phenomenon.

Halal Guys


The Halal Guys tasked us to re-design their website just before expanding their franchise internationally.

The Halal Guys established branding was conveyed on the website with a comprehensive visual identity in the design. The brand colors, visual icons, and brand logos were curated on every page to reinforce the message that the brand was clear, established, and strong enough to extend indefinitely to franchises around the globe. A clear communications strategy informed every word, supporting the brand as a whole while targeting strategic goals.

Square abstract in blue

The website has become a profoundly powerful e-commerce tool, not only supporting franchise expansion but connecting with local customers as well.

We wanted to create a website that made potential franchisees believe in the brand and sign up for The Halal Guys vision. Creating a custom location map including landing pages for each restaurant showed that The Halal Guys are serious when it comes to promoting their franchisees.