From the Streets of NYC to a Worldwide Phenomenon.

Halal Guys


Entrusted with the rich legacy of The Halal Guys, Agence 25 embarked on a meticulous journey to bring to life a website that would echo the brand’s strengths and aspirations.

1. Visual Identity

We orchestrated a visual narrative steeped in The Halal Guys’ established branding, weaving in brand colors, icons, and logos to echo a brand that was not just established but poised for a robust global presence.

2. Strategic Communication

Every word crafted was a reflection of a clear communication strategy, designed to resonate with the strategic goals while paying homage to the rich legacy.

Square abstract in blue

The creative journey was guided by the dual objectives of fostering franchise growth while nurturing a robust local customer base.

1. E-commerce Tool

We transformed the website into a potent e-commerce tool, a platform that would foster connections with local customers while being the springboard for franchise expansion.

2. Custom Location Map

A pivotal feature was the custom location map, coupled with dedicated landing pages for each restaurant, a testament to The Halal Guys’ commitment to promoting their franchisees robustly.

The digital narrative sculpted was a resounding success, resonating with the diverse stakeholders of The Halal Guys ecosystem.

  • Franchisee Trust
    • The website fostered trust among potential franchisees, encouraging them to become part of the visionary journey of The Halal Guys.
  • Customer Engagement
    • The website became a haven for local customers, a space where they could connect with their favorite brand, reflecting a vibrant local customer engagement.


Agence 25, with its expertise and meticulous approach, brought to life a digital space that was a true reflection of The Halal Guys — a brand steeped in legacy and poised for international acclaim. Today, The Halal Guys stands with a digital identity that is a prelude to their international journey, ready to conquer global horizons while staying rooted in their rich legacy.