From Southeast Asia To New York

Concorde Hotel


Understanding that a hotel’s heartbeat is its website, we undertook a meticulous revamp of the Concorde Hotel’s digital facade without compromising the user experience.

1. Branding and Design

The initial phase saw a branding metamorphosis that seamlessly married opulence with user-friendliness, steering potential guests towards choosing direct bookings.

2. Culinary Highlight

We sculpted a digital space where the high-end cuisine became a visual delight, encapsulating visitors in an ambience of luxury and culinary excellence through gorgeous designs and rich narratives.

Square abstract in blue

Our advertising strategy covered diverse advertising channels to make sure that Concorde Hotel had multiple revenue streams. We replaced all the percentage-based advertising channels with low fixed cost alternatives. That move itself generated substantial cash for the hotel.

After mapping out the booking path of our guests, we converted our advertising traffic into qualified potential guests when they are close to making a booking decision by targeting the right people at the right time.

As SEO and LSO campaigns echoed the revamp, the Concorde Hotel embarked on a journey of digital success, solidifying its presence in the online realm.

  • SEO and LSO Campaigns
    • The dual strategy of focusing on the future with SEO and leveraging the present through LSO reaped rich dividends.
  • Impressive Metrics
    • A staggering 1.54 million total searches and a 30% surge in website traffic within 18 months of the local SEO campaign launch painted a success story in numbers.
  • Meta Search Utilization
    • Leveraging meta search became a cornerstone in enhancing direct booking revenues, setting a robust foundation for a prosperous future.



Agence 25 orchestrated a digital transformation for the Concorde Hotel, steering it from France to New York with a narrative of luxury and financial robustness. Today, the Concorde Hotel stands as a beacon of luxurious hospitality, promising guests not just a stay, but an experience woven in opulence and comfort, a testament to Agence 25’s expertise in marrying luxury with profitability.