From Southeast Asia To New York

Concorde Hotel


A hotel’s heart is its website, where guests make their final decision regardless of whether they book directly or through an OTA. Our first act was to change the overall branding & design of the website without compromising the user interface; we made sure that direct booking was our priority.

Square abstract in blue

Our advertising strategy covered diverse advertising channels to make sure that Concorde Hotel had multiple revenue streams. We replaced all the percentage-based advertising channels with low fixed cost alternatives. That move itself generated substantial cash for the hotel.

After mapping out the booking path of our guests, we converted our advertising traffic into qualified potential guests when they are close to making a booking decision by targeting the right people at the right time.

At the same time as the launch of the new website, SEO & LSO campaigns started. Our SEO campaign is built for the future; the local SEO campaign focused on today, especially as Meta Search became a critical direct booking revenue channel.

Within 18 months of the launch of the Local SEO campaign, we produced pretty impressive results. We generated 1.54 Million total searches, and 920k came from discovery words, which helped us to increase the website traffic by 30% within this short window.