Hotel bonds

Buy Now Stay Later


Armed with a clear vision and a sense of urgency to provide immediate relief to hotels, Agence 25 sprung into action, setting the stage for a campaign that was as unique as it was timely.

1. Website Design

We sculpted an aesthetically pleasing website, characterized by simplicity and user-friendliness, where the value proposition was clear and compelling.

2. Hotel Finder Tool

A pivotal feature was the hotel finder tool, which allowed users to effortlessly navigate and filter hotels based on region and city, enhancing user experience manifold.

3. SEO-Optimized Landing Pages

Each partnering hotel enjoyed a dedicated landing page, optimized for search engines and crafted to facilitate easy sharing on social media platforms.

Square abstract in blue

The linchpin of this campaign was the innovative hotel bond concept – a beacon of hope in turbulent times. Travelers could purchase a bond worth $100, which would mature to $150 in a span of 60 days, promising them more value for their investment.

The campaign became a rallying point, a success story scripted in unprecedented times.

  • Wide-Spread Recognition
    • The initiative captured imaginations and headlines, garnering recognition and endorsement from reputed publications.
  • Increased Participation
    • The media coverage served as a catalyst, inviting a surge of hotels to join the platform, expanding the initiative’s reach and impact.
  • Community Engagement
    • The social media campaign fostered a community of enthusiastic travelers, eager to explore the opportunities this innovative concept presented.


Agence 25 transformed a visionary concept into a ground reality, scripting a success story in the most challenging times. The “Buy Now Stay Later” initiative stands as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and hope, showcasing Agence 25’s commitment to not just adapting but thriving in changing landscapes.