How to write a specification

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At Agence 25, before starting any project, we create specifications. Whether you want to create a site or redesign it, the specifications are the key element of your project. We explain in this article how to write a specification.

What is a specification?

As a service provider, you want to call on a digital agency Agence 25 for the creation or redesign of your website, but you don’t know how to go about it? At Agence 25, we help and guide you to carry out this large-scale project.

More concretely, a specification is a reference document formalizing your expectations and objectives. It incorporates a good number of elements: from the primary objective of your site, through its functionalities and aesthetics, to the technical constraints.

What is the purpose of a specification for the development of a website?

This summary document will help you understand the context and objectives of your project. Indeed, whether it is the creation of a website (e-commerce site or showcase site) or the redesign of your current site, it is essential to write specifications. More simply put, a specification is simply the expression of your digital needs.

For this, we recommend being accompanied by a team of experts. Real technical and digital skills are expected so that your site is as efficient as possible. At Agence 25, a team of developers and web marketers support you throughout your project, advocating quality expertise and know-how.

If you don’t know where to start, Agence 25 is here to help. If you have any doubts, the specifications will allow you to clarify and refine your project. Indeed, the specifications take into account both the functional and technical specifications of your project. Your expectations, your objectives and the nature of your project will be essential to the drafting of your future specifications.

How to write a summary document for your website?

What structure do you need to put in place for your website? How to properly build the skeleton of your website? We explain all the steps you should not miss so that your project is well established.

Depending on the complexity or not of your project, the specifications to be produced will be more or less detailed.

Here are the key elements to incorporate into your specifications:

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